Wednesday, March 6, 2013

The Glamorous Life Of A Stay At Home Mom.

Both my boys are naping right is amazing. 

Noah had a lovely ear infection last week, I found out on my birthday
 (FYI birthdays with kids SO different) 

Larry not only has his normal classes this week but also Friday night, and All day Saturday & Sunday. 

I have to teach Relief Society on Sunday...where is screaming Noah going to go?? 

Sometimes when they boys are asleep the last thing I want to do is clean, so I tell myself I will do it later and zone out infront of the TV (does a mom good) 

I have created a 3 point plan to get rid of ALL bottle in our house, potty train Max, and get the boys in the same room. My goal is by August this is complete...haha insert Max stroking his bottle and saying no mommy I love my baba. 

One of my favorite times of the day is putting Max to sleep. We lay on his bed listening to primary music, with his toddler body nestled up to me it is heaven. I love the smell of him and his tiny snores. Oh how big he is getting, it hurts my heart every time I see him doing a big boy thing. 

With Noah turning one, I contemplate when we get to have another sweet baby around...Larry has a full year of law school left and the bar to take. Every time I think about it I get irrationally sad. Trying to balance fiscal responsibility with my crazy need to reproduce is a bit hard. 

I made a goal to drink less diet coke...then it went major on sale and quickly forgot about said goal. 

I also told Larry I could stay out of Target for an entire week! I have been Target free for 4 we think I can make it :) 

Lastly I have decided that have one baby is amazing...but having 2 is over the top. Seeing Max and Noah interact with each other makes my heart want to burst. I know it is sappy but honestly, when I see them make each other laugh or Max share with Noah is makes me know to my very core how worth it  is to have these boys. And what a blessing it is! Despite the messes, and fights, my boys are so sweet and loving most of the time it makes up for me doing this parenting thing by myself (most of the time) totally worth it.

Couldn't you just eat this baby alive? 

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