Thursday, March 7, 2013

Oldies, But Goodies...

Most days I am in super mom mode till about 4 o' clock. The boys are up from naps, it is time to start dinner, everyone is a bit cranky and even a diet coke won't fix the afternoon lull. Does anyone else have that problem? I look at the clock and I swear it has been 2 hours but it laughs at me and has only been like 2 minutes  One day I had a genius idea to stick Noah in the sink while he was fussy and let him play while I stared fixing dinner. Max quickly stripped down and demanded to join. Both of them are way to big for sink baths, but it killed a good 45 minutes and everyone was happy! 

Now anytime someone is fussy or cranky I striped them down and stick them in the sink for awhile. It works wonders and the time flies by. I'm super grateful for small things like this that can get me through the day. Most of the time I have to hunker down till about 10pm when Larry gets home so anything to make all 3 of us happy that doesn't involve candy or TV is a win in my book! 

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