Thursday, January 22, 2009

3 jobs?

Things are crazy right now. I am currently working 3 jobs. Yes I did say 3. Why do you ask? Because I am insane. Larry is working really hard in school trying to get the best grades and is also doing Moot Court, and Mock Trial so he is just too busy to work. I am done really with a lot of my pre-requisites for the nursing program and am just waiting to see if I get it. I am taking a full load but mainly just filler classes so I can work...and working I am! I am currently a supplemental instructor for Anatomy & Physiology. It really is a sweet job. I get to lecture 2 times a week for an hour to students because I kicked butt and got an A in both classes so I teach them the tricks on how to get an A too! I am also still working in the bookstore on campus which is busy off and on but I work there everyday and have made some great friends. It will almost be a year in April...time flies.

If that were not enough I just picked up a 3rd job which is a gross not so glamors job but is paying our rent! I work from 10pm-1am 5 days a week cleaning the gym. It is an awful job and I complain every time 10pm comes around but it pays well.

yes I scrub toilets on a daily basis. Yes I am a janitor.

Aren't we looking lovely...between the 3 jobs and the 26 unties we are taking this semester I am surprised we look this good!

Friday, January 9, 2009

Welcome 2009.

Happy New Year! We made it back to Utah! It was a long drive over the snowy mountains and I think we almost died a couple of times...but we made it alive! John came with us to visit before he starts back to school. I already miss my family and the warmer climate. Here is what it looks like from our windows from our apartment on campus. Keep warm!