Sunday, August 30, 2009

Officialy back in Utah!

We are BACK! we are officially back in O-Town. Larry got back from his lovely 36 hour drive with his intern buddy Jake and we quickly moved from house to house until we got into our NEW house...well basement apartment and we love it! This is our 5th place we have lived in 2 years, we are nuts and move a lot but i think its maybe my favorite place so far. It is RIGHT next to the school and we have a doorbell and a garage and the best part a laundry room! but we don't have washer and dryers yet(those are coming) Anyway we are so happy to be back in UTAH where there is Cafe Rio and awesome Mountains where you never get lost and people are friendly.

Last update: We started school which was overwhelming and excited as well. Larry is officially graduated April 23rd and taking the LSAT on Sept. 26 so he is studying his little butt off to get an amazing score which he will! I started nursing school with mixed emotions its a lot of hard work and hours of studying but I am trying to take it an hour at a time :) my OB rotation starts soon which is fun and excited and gross. Anyways that is whats new with us, life is great and we are blessed!

here is some pictures of our new place :) You will get the 70's vibe :)
Our family room, dinning room, kitchen and the bed room {where the magic happens} we love this little apartment its really perfect for us. Its RIGHT next to the school like I said and just the opposite side as last year and we are renting from a women I work with at the bookstore.
We also have a awesome desk Larry built as well as a laundry room and bathroom but those dont really need to be posted on the blog. Its going to be an awesome stressful year!

Friday, August 14, 2009

my love...

I miss my husband so much, I hate being away from him I feel like I am missing out on special moments together. He is such a hard worker and tries so hard to meet my demanding, emotion and irrational needs. He is studying hard to make a good life for me and my future babies so we can stay home together all day. He is selfless and I do not give him enough credit.

he is my best friend, my eternal companion, and even when i am emotional and stressed and taking out my aggression on him, he sits there patiently waiting for me to calm down and then hugs me, kisses me on the forehead, tells me I am his love, and that everything will be alright. He grounds me, I can not wait for him to be back in Utah and to see the beautiful mountains and to hold my hand.

Being back in Utah has made me happy and feel that I am at home, my home UTAH not California...amazing what time can do. I feel positive about our life right now, which is saying a lot, some of you know my small incidental issues of everyday life and being a struggling poor college student but for now being back home makes me feel like things are exciting and new again. I have chosen to try, TRY, being the key word to live in the moment and make my life happy in the NOW not when Larry is done with school or when my babies come but now sitting on the couch waiting for my love to come home and hug me...he is in Iowa, he is coming home...tomorrow is going to be a good

Sunday, August 9, 2009

I Love To See The Temple

My grandpa picked me up at the airport when I got into Utah and I am staying with him until Larry gets back and we find a new place to live but I have started back at my job so I am commuting from Provo to Ogden everyday. While driving back from Provo last week I passed 8 temples between Provo and Ogden, 8 temples!! Over the summer we had only one chance to go to the D.C. temple, not having a car really was such a struggle, and i felt the weight of not being able to attend the temple regularly. I have missed the blessings of attending the temple frequently and the spirit I feel there, and I am feeling so blessed right now to be back living near so many beautiful temples and to get the opportunity to attend them whenever I want..what a blessing it is to me and Larry, It truly strengthens our marriage and gives us the boost we need to endure on! I love to see the temple it always brings a feeling of gratitude and love to be able to enter into our lords holy house.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Good Bye For Now East Coast..

As I sit here in the Vegas airport waiting to get back to Utah soil and missing Larry terribly I thought I would post some of my favorite pictures from our summer living in Virgina/D.C. We left in early May and moved out with just our suitcases and slept on air mattress for 3 months :) I was really not happy about the move at first but over time I realized what a blessing it was for us to have this experience together, and it was a huge growing experience for me, who has never been past the rocky mountains. We did SO much and really had some amazing memories.


   We loved hanging out around the white house, and all the different monuments at night. We also made a quick trip to Philly and got to celebrate the 4th on the Mall! Our summer really was amazing filled with so many memories of getting lost, riding the metro everywhere, waiting hours for buses, finding cool places to eat, meeting friends, WALKING, visiting historical places and beginning to feel like a local. Shout out to Larry who worked his butt off to get us there and also my parents for helping make the summer come true!