Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Stuff.

Well I guess its no secret anymore. We are moving. Again. Larry is down in San Diego as we speak packing up another truck yet again and moving our stuff. Seriously are stuff has moved and been stored countless times I start to think we should get rid of everything because I am sick or moving it. I even had a slight thought or fantasy that our storage unit went up in flames leaving me with nothing but the insurance was a second of a fantasy though. Really though I think out of all my stuff I just want my bed back and Max's things.

Anyway why are we moving you as? Well to keep it short and simple Larry got an offer he couldn't refuse. He will continue working as a law clerk/case manager at his current firm full time and finish studying the law in the evenings for the rest of his life..haha well no just the rest of law school. He transfered up to a school in Sacramento and will be there for the duration of his law school career. Its been an up and down roller coaster of emotions for us but we are on a set course and will not stop till he has pasted the California Bar in a few years time.

I have learned a lot about myself through these trials and tribulations. I hate change, hard things, and most of all uncertainty in my life. Now we are good to go to finish law school and MOVE ON from being students. It will take him a year longer being that he is switching to the part time program but he has a great steady job and will most likely work for this firm as an attorney when its all done so its pretty much win win for us. There still is the gloom and doom for the bar hanging over our futures but I am trying to put it in the back of my mind. So year two of law school starts in a week and some normalcy will come back into our lives. I am still really uneasy about our future but we will just keep praying everything turns out great.

So our stuff will be back in El Dorado Hills and we will be living here for who knows how long. My parents are welcoming us with opens arms to stay in the house with them so we are going to do that for awhile and then see where things go. It will be nice to have a stable income and I pray Larry will be able to juggle it all. Thats life right? I am happy to be around people I know and can get help if I need it which is awesome and Larry won't worry that I am constantly lonely while he is at work/school/studying. Hopefully this is a good change and no more bumps in the road for a little while. I just want to get done with it and feel some stability in my life!

Friday, July 29, 2011

The Quilting Bee

On Tuesday night we headed down to Fresno with the Foell's for a quilting bee or as my grandpa likes to call it a "hen party." We got together on Wednesday morning with a lot of my female Draper cousins and tied quilts, sewed, talked, ate, swam and talked some more. It was really fun to get some projects done and to just hang out with everyone.
The quilts, The First Cousins that were all there with Grandpa Draper, Max & Jessie {2nd cousins}Aunts/Mom working on a top, and the tail end of the party while Holly busted out a really cute quilt top!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My 13 month old Max!

Living with a mobile 13 month old is a little crazy sometimes. Max decided he wanted to start walking last week and within days was a pro. He had taken steps here and there but all of a sudden he was walking and doing it really well. He runs after me and sometimes I forget he can walk. He is still such a happy little boy and has had a lot of attention this summer. He has learned to give hugs and can saw a few words. Sometimes I can't believe how much I love him more and more. He loves playing with blocks and balls and has the cuttest little laugh. He also has a strong bond with his grandpa and will hug him every morning and run straight to him every time he sees him.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011


Okay so I haven't blogged in forever. Things have been go go go. What with Max deciding he could walk really well last week, us moving to EDH permanently, going to six flags with 11 of my nieces and nephews, max teething, me being tired and stressed so much I can't stop eating....So yeah its been a lot for this tired little mom to handle. I am planning to update on my crazy 13 month old Max and on law school business in the new few days. Hope things are wonderful with everyone. We are enduring through life at the moment trying to smile and remember the eternal picture!

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tom & Max

My mom found these old overalls the other day that belong to one of my brothers and we tried the on Max. Unfortunately the boy has some chunky thighs and no way these babies will be working on Max..maybe on the next one :) Tom and Max are little buddies, it has taken Max awhile to warm up but now Max loves him.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Cousinly Love {HP Day 5}

Well it happend the final installment of the Harry Potter saga movies premiered last night at midnight! Alas being a mom and feeling kinda old we did not go to the midnight showing. It hasn't been since high school that I went dresses no less for the late night of excitement. It makes me sad to think there is nothing to look forward to anymore. While I will continue to watch/read/listen to the beloved HP books until I die it still is sad that an era is ending...I literally grew up with these books.

Anyways today I thought we would discuss a random assortment of things. First lets talk about the Harry and Tom Riddle connection. After long discussions with my brother John we have decided that Harry and Tom would have to have been cousins maybe distantly but most defiantly related. We learn this while harry discovers the hallows and what they are. Harry was descended from the Peverell family because he had the cloak of invisibility that is handed down from son to son. Also in the 6th HP book we learn the the resurrection stone is park of the gold ring that Marvolo Gaunt wears to prove he was part of a pureblood family...remember him? He is Tom Riddles grandpa.

Interesting right? I know most people don't really talk about it but they are connected through families and bloodlines but interestingly enough they are from very prominent blood lines but are both only half bloods themselves. John points out that most wizards are related in some ways but I think its crazy how they are distant cousins who duel it out to the end and Harry finishes him off in the end!

So it has come to an end. Cousins killing each other, families broken apart, favorite redheaded twin being killed, Hogwarts in shambles and the future of marriages of our favorite characters. There is so much more we could talk about like the mirror of Erised {what is your greatest desire} or the end of worm tail like Dumbledore predicted. So many things so little time. I hope everyone has enjoyed these books as much as I have what are you favorite parts?

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Horcrux... What?? {HP day 4}

I remember the summer I was engaged to Larry. The 7th book of HP came out and Larry took me to Safeway at midnight to buy it, funny place to buy it but I got it right away. I remember reading it and then trying to explain it to Larry. He had never read the books {gasp} and so trying to explaining a horcrux was hard, and as I was speaking I began to think how dumb I sounded. Later Larry eneded up listening to all the audio books and now we talk about them all the time and I don't feel stupid.

Anyways I think you know where I am going...these crazy things called a horcrux:

The Diary
The Ring
The Cup
The Locket
The Tiara
The Snake

Do you have a favorite? I do. I love the story of how Tom Riddle acquired these one by one but I love the story of the house elf Hokey and the cup of Helga Huffulpuff. I loved each time we took a trip into the pensive and into the past of Tom Riddle. I think that the cup has an interesting background and then of course when the horcrux killer trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione had to break into the bank, steal the cup, and then escape with a freaking dragon is pretty much genius writing.

Also what did you think of the twist at the end when Harry is one? I thought it made sense sorta and it was interesting when he dies {kinda} and is in a weird version of the spirit world. It all makes sense and really ties the battle into the end of the story....I mean Harry had to die right or did he? Its kinda crazy and some people don't like the end with the fake death and the wand switchawroo fiasco but I personally loved it all.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The Different Houses Of Hogwarts {HP Day 3}

Imagine being a first year little witch or wizard sitting up in front of everyone at the school putting on the sorting hat and being sorted into a house. Realistically certain personalities and traits are one of the reason you are put into a certain house right? You can kind of tell what kinda person you are based on the house your sorted in. Some questions are to be raised thought, like Neville being in Gryffindor, he seems more like a Hufflpuff kinda guy but later he proves his worthiness.

Each house has certain traits and a history, you decided which on you want to be in...but maybe the hat will choose differently or maybe you would be like Harry and plead not to put into Slytherin? Personally I am a fan of Gryffindor but Ravenclaw seems pretty cool too.

Gryffindor House: Founded by Godric Gryffindor and are known for their courage. The house colors are scarlet and gold and the dorms are located behind the fat lady in the towers on the 7th floor. Some known past Gryffindo's were all the Weasly family, Serius Black, Remus Lupin, Dumbledore himself and even Hagrid. As everyone knows there was no horcrux made from a Gryffindor relic thanks to Dumbledore keeping it safe.

Hufflepuff House: Founded by Helga Hufflepuff and are known to be just and loyal. The location of this house is known to be near the kitchens in a dungeon level area very "dissimilar" from a potions classroom. The house ghost is the Fat Friar and their colors are yellow and black with a badger on the banner. Some well known Hufflepuffs are Cedric Diggory, Nymphadora Tonks, and Hanna Abbott.

Ravenclaw House: Founded by Rowena Ravenclaw and is a house fit for those of whit and learning. The ghost is the founders daughter Helena Ravenclaw and the Grey Lady. The location in the castle is also in the towers on the west side. There is a talking bronze handle for the entrance of the dorm and they do not have a traditional password, rather a question and when answered correctly they may gain access to the dorm. The house colors are blue and bronze with an eagle on the banner. Cho Change, Luna Lovegood, are well known members.

Slytherin House: Founded by Salazar Slytherin their colors are green and silver with a snake on the banner. They are known for their love of the dark arts and are pretty much hated by everyone. The location of their dorm is in the dungeons under the lake. The Bloody Baron is their ghost. Tom Riddle, Phineas Nigellus Black, all the Malfoys, and most of the Black family are well known Slytherins.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The Unanswered Questions {HP Day 2}

Through out Harry Potter there is so much history, detail, names, places that sometimes the little things get forgotten. Today I want to talk about the things that were never said...never answered like:

*What does Harry end up doing for work?
*Do you think Luna and Neville get married {wouldn't that be cute}
*Does Professor McGonagall become the reinstated headmistress after the death of Snape?
* Does Kretcher move in with Ginny & Harry to be there house elf, or does he get freed?
*Where do Ginny & Harry live...maybe Grimal Place?
*Does Harry, Ron, and Hermoine end up going back to school for their 7th year of education?
*What ever happens to the Dursleys?
*Does Harry ever go back to Hogwarts and talk to professor Dumbledores painting?
*Does Harry ever tell anyone about the memory Snape gave him before his death? Does he get the credit he deserves for being faithful until the end?

There are so many questions that are unanswered if you continue to think of them. I think that is was is so great and amazing about these books, it continues to make you think and have constant conversation with other HP lovers out there. For me the biggest question really has to do with Snape. I hope that Harry told everyone in the Order of the Phoenix the truth about Severus and the memory that he was given. I think they all had a right to know the deep details and truth about he and Dumbledores plan. I wonder if he every told people about the horcruxs?So many questions so little time to discuss, what do you guys think?

Monday, July 11, 2011

Harry Potter Appreciation Week Once More!! {Day 1}

In honor of the final installment of Harry Potter Movies I have decided to once again do...drum roll please...Harry Potter Appreciation Week!! {aren't you excited}

Really I know my love for these books might border on the obsessive line but I'd rather think of it as a really great hobby. So today I thought it would be fun to do a short Biography on of of the characters in the book. My brother John is a huge fan and is helping me with the topics of the week hopefully they are as fun and interesting to read as they are to write!

I decided to do a short bio on a great character that sometimes gets over shadowed by his son. Really Arthur Weasley was not suppose to be a all out shining character but rather a great supporting role but I always thought he was really funny and was always their for his children and Harry when they needed him. So here is the scoop on Mr. Weasley....
Born 1950 into a pure blood family he had 2 brothers and no sisters. His mother was from the Black family and was blasted from the family tree when she married his father. He is an easy going guy who has a an obsession with muggles and all objects that are foreign to him like airplanes. He met Molly Weasley a fellow Gryffindor at Hogwarts and shortly after completing school they eloped and went on to produce 7 children. He has always worked at the Ministry of Magic until it became to dangerous for him and his family due to the fact that they are muggle lovers. His patronus is a weasel which I think is very fitting and he loves to collect batteries and plugs. A cool fact that you might now know is that J.K. Rolling was planning on killing Arthur off when he was attacked by the snake Nagini in book 5 but then changed her mind. {All info found on Harry Potter Lexicon...go check it out}

Well there you go...I hope everyone is as excited as I am for this big week! We have so much to discuss about the books and maybe even the movies..will everything be explained? Will the Malfoys get killed, like my dad is hoping? Stay tuned for more exciting Harry Potter Week fun!!

Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

We had a super fun day hanging out in Provo. Dang I miss this place and everything great about Utah...I keep throwing a small pity party that we no longer live here. But alas we move on right?? and I still have my Utah license and number so that is a small constellation.

Anyways we had a fun day hitting the mall, going to Cafe Rio {free meal!} and then hanging around my grandpas house. Larry put on an awesome fireworks show...well as good as 30 bucks can get you and then we sat outside watching the rest of the Grandview neighborhood doing it as well. In Utah style it rained in the evening for while and then dried up...such silly weather maybe that's why we no longer live here?? Tomorrow is C-day meaning camp day, the day I have been dreading for awhile...camping with a one year old kinda a nuts idea I think. Before that though I get to hit the bookstore and DI haha the wonderful things I miss about this great state!

Happy 4th of July! Remember how great it is to be an American?? Its pretty great, despite recent times it truly is the best, safest, freest, country to live in.
{the on picture we documented of the day}

Sunday, July 3, 2011

Utah Or Bust

Well we made it to Utah...did I mention we were going to Utah? Well we did and we made it in one piece. We drove in a 15 passenger van with a trailer attached {pictures to come} with 11 people, 2 which were babies. It was intense. 13 hours later we arrived in once piece feeling very frazzled. We are so excited to be here for the week. As we drove into the Salt Lake Valley I got pretty emotional and really couldn't believe I was feeling this way. Utah is the longest place Larry and I have lived together as a married couple so far and seeing the city made me really miss all our memories here. It was weird but it felt like I was coming home...crazy I know. I was pretty surprised how much I have missed this place and I think Larry was surprised how emotional I was. We will be camping and hanging out with my grandpa for the rest of the week and I am getting excited to eat some Cafe Rio and hit up my favorite stores!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Mornings around our house...

If you had a mom like mine she would love documenting her children {minus Larry who was sleeping} in the morning because we were all in the room. Jealous your family is not as cool...I know. Fun memories we are making.