Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th!

We had a super fun day hanging out in Provo. Dang I miss this place and everything great about Utah...I keep throwing a small pity party that we no longer live here. But alas we move on right?? and I still have my Utah license and number so that is a small constellation.

Anyways we had a fun day hitting the mall, going to Cafe Rio {free meal!} and then hanging around my grandpas house. Larry put on an awesome fireworks show...well as good as 30 bucks can get you and then we sat outside watching the rest of the Grandview neighborhood doing it as well. In Utah style it rained in the evening for while and then dried up...such silly weather maybe that's why we no longer live here?? Tomorrow is C-day meaning camp day, the day I have been dreading for awhile...camping with a one year old kinda a nuts idea I think. Before that though I get to hit the bookstore and DI haha the wonderful things I miss about this great state!

Happy 4th of July! Remember how great it is to be an American?? Its pretty great, despite recent times it truly is the best, safest, freest, country to live in.
{the on picture we documented of the day}

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