Monday, July 11, 2011

Harry Potter Appreciation Week Once More!! {Day 1}

In honor of the final installment of Harry Potter Movies I have decided to once again do...drum roll please...Harry Potter Appreciation Week!! {aren't you excited}

Really I know my love for these books might border on the obsessive line but I'd rather think of it as a really great hobby. So today I thought it would be fun to do a short Biography on of of the characters in the book. My brother John is a huge fan and is helping me with the topics of the week hopefully they are as fun and interesting to read as they are to write!

I decided to do a short bio on a great character that sometimes gets over shadowed by his son. Really Arthur Weasley was not suppose to be a all out shining character but rather a great supporting role but I always thought he was really funny and was always their for his children and Harry when they needed him. So here is the scoop on Mr. Weasley....
Born 1950 into a pure blood family he had 2 brothers and no sisters. His mother was from the Black family and was blasted from the family tree when she married his father. He is an easy going guy who has a an obsession with muggles and all objects that are foreign to him like airplanes. He met Molly Weasley a fellow Gryffindor at Hogwarts and shortly after completing school they eloped and went on to produce 7 children. He has always worked at the Ministry of Magic until it became to dangerous for him and his family due to the fact that they are muggle lovers. His patronus is a weasel which I think is very fitting and he loves to collect batteries and plugs. A cool fact that you might now know is that J.K. Rolling was planning on killing Arthur off when he was attacked by the snake Nagini in book 5 but then changed her mind. {All info found on Harry Potter Lexicon...go check it out}

Well there you go...I hope everyone is as excited as I am for this big week! We have so much to discuss about the books and maybe even the movies..will everything be explained? Will the Malfoys get killed, like my dad is hoping? Stay tuned for more exciting Harry Potter Week fun!!


  1. I am currently on Chptr 23 of Order of the Phoenix and was very concerned about this attack on Mr. Wesley. I am cautious to proceed thru the book but I can hardly put it down. I missed out on the first round of Harry Potter (I was raising babies), But I get to enjoy them now with those grown up babies!! Emma finished Goblet of Fire!! Woo Hoo!