Saturday, July 30, 2011

Our Stuff.

Well I guess its no secret anymore. We are moving. Again. Larry is down in San Diego as we speak packing up another truck yet again and moving our stuff. Seriously are stuff has moved and been stored countless times I start to think we should get rid of everything because I am sick or moving it. I even had a slight thought or fantasy that our storage unit went up in flames leaving me with nothing but the insurance was a second of a fantasy though. Really though I think out of all my stuff I just want my bed back and Max's things.

Anyway why are we moving you as? Well to keep it short and simple Larry got an offer he couldn't refuse. He will continue working as a law clerk/case manager at his current firm full time and finish studying the law in the evenings for the rest of his life..haha well no just the rest of law school. He transfered up to a school in Sacramento and will be there for the duration of his law school career. Its been an up and down roller coaster of emotions for us but we are on a set course and will not stop till he has pasted the California Bar in a few years time.

I have learned a lot about myself through these trials and tribulations. I hate change, hard things, and most of all uncertainty in my life. Now we are good to go to finish law school and MOVE ON from being students. It will take him a year longer being that he is switching to the part time program but he has a great steady job and will most likely work for this firm as an attorney when its all done so its pretty much win win for us. There still is the gloom and doom for the bar hanging over our futures but I am trying to put it in the back of my mind. So year two of law school starts in a week and some normalcy will come back into our lives. I am still really uneasy about our future but we will just keep praying everything turns out great.

So our stuff will be back in El Dorado Hills and we will be living here for who knows how long. My parents are welcoming us with opens arms to stay in the house with them so we are going to do that for awhile and then see where things go. It will be nice to have a stable income and I pray Larry will be able to juggle it all. Thats life right? I am happy to be around people I know and can get help if I need it which is awesome and Larry won't worry that I am constantly lonely while he is at work/school/studying. Hopefully this is a good change and no more bumps in the road for a little while. I just want to get done with it and feel some stability in my life!

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