Friday, July 15, 2011

Cousinly Love {HP Day 5}

Well it happend the final installment of the Harry Potter saga movies premiered last night at midnight! Alas being a mom and feeling kinda old we did not go to the midnight showing. It hasn't been since high school that I went dresses no less for the late night of excitement. It makes me sad to think there is nothing to look forward to anymore. While I will continue to watch/read/listen to the beloved HP books until I die it still is sad that an era is ending...I literally grew up with these books.

Anyways today I thought we would discuss a random assortment of things. First lets talk about the Harry and Tom Riddle connection. After long discussions with my brother John we have decided that Harry and Tom would have to have been cousins maybe distantly but most defiantly related. We learn this while harry discovers the hallows and what they are. Harry was descended from the Peverell family because he had the cloak of invisibility that is handed down from son to son. Also in the 6th HP book we learn the the resurrection stone is park of the gold ring that Marvolo Gaunt wears to prove he was part of a pureblood family...remember him? He is Tom Riddles grandpa.

Interesting right? I know most people don't really talk about it but they are connected through families and bloodlines but interestingly enough they are from very prominent blood lines but are both only half bloods themselves. John points out that most wizards are related in some ways but I think its crazy how they are distant cousins who duel it out to the end and Harry finishes him off in the end!

So it has come to an end. Cousins killing each other, families broken apart, favorite redheaded twin being killed, Hogwarts in shambles and the future of marriages of our favorite characters. There is so much more we could talk about like the mirror of Erised {what is your greatest desire} or the end of worm tail like Dumbledore predicted. So many things so little time. I hope everyone has enjoyed these books as much as I have what are you favorite parts?

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