Thursday, July 14, 2011

Horcrux... What?? {HP day 4}

I remember the summer I was engaged to Larry. The 7th book of HP came out and Larry took me to Safeway at midnight to buy it, funny place to buy it but I got it right away. I remember reading it and then trying to explain it to Larry. He had never read the books {gasp} and so trying to explaining a horcrux was hard, and as I was speaking I began to think how dumb I sounded. Later Larry eneded up listening to all the audio books and now we talk about them all the time and I don't feel stupid.

Anyways I think you know where I am going...these crazy things called a horcrux:

The Diary
The Ring
The Cup
The Locket
The Tiara
The Snake

Do you have a favorite? I do. I love the story of how Tom Riddle acquired these one by one but I love the story of the house elf Hokey and the cup of Helga Huffulpuff. I loved each time we took a trip into the pensive and into the past of Tom Riddle. I think that the cup has an interesting background and then of course when the horcrux killer trio of Harry, Ron, and Hermione had to break into the bank, steal the cup, and then escape with a freaking dragon is pretty much genius writing.

Also what did you think of the twist at the end when Harry is one? I thought it made sense sorta and it was interesting when he dies {kinda} and is in a weird version of the spirit world. It all makes sense and really ties the battle into the end of the story....I mean Harry had to die right or did he? Its kinda crazy and some people don't like the end with the fake death and the wand switchawroo fiasco but I personally loved it all.

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  1. I love the 7th book the best. I like that everything tied in. I like the snake being one. I'm glad that Neville finally got his glory by killing her. Go Neville.