Sunday, July 3, 2011

Utah Or Bust

Well we made it to Utah...did I mention we were going to Utah? Well we did and we made it in one piece. We drove in a 15 passenger van with a trailer attached {pictures to come} with 11 people, 2 which were babies. It was intense. 13 hours later we arrived in once piece feeling very frazzled. We are so excited to be here for the week. As we drove into the Salt Lake Valley I got pretty emotional and really couldn't believe I was feeling this way. Utah is the longest place Larry and I have lived together as a married couple so far and seeing the city made me really miss all our memories here. It was weird but it felt like I was coming home...crazy I know. I was pretty surprised how much I have missed this place and I think Larry was surprised how emotional I was. We will be camping and hanging out with my grandpa for the rest of the week and I am getting excited to eat some Cafe Rio and hit up my favorite stores!

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