Saturday, August 3, 2013

Children's Museum In San Fran

We were getting a big antsy around here so on Saturday morning we woke up and decided to try out this museum in San Francisco. It isn't in the city it's on the other side of the bay by the Golden Gate bridge. The ride their was a little rough, are kids are still getting the hang of driving anywhere longer then 20 minutes. But we made it and had a fun time. It is in an old army base so there was all these different wild life play exhibits and different things about tide pools, life cycles, very earthy and very san fran. There was this old boat they could get on and some cool play structures. There also was a sand pit with a ton of tractors so we spent the most time there. Overall I think they had fun. We wanted to try to hit the city but Noah fell asleep as we were driving away and I thought we better not chance it and just drive home. He did sleep the whole time which was so nice and we ended up grabbing lunch back home. It was a nice change of scenery.



Love that view of the bridge. It was cloudy but I was able to still get the shot. It was also so nice to be somewhere cool for the day. We got home and it went up 20 degrees! Refreshing day! 

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