Saturday, August 24, 2013

Letherby's Ice Cream

John and David had been in town so before they left my dad wanted to take everyone out to ice cream. I think grandpa and Ellen and Jeff Clason were also in town so our huge clan went to Letherby's and the Foell's joined as well. Now Max has a great love for ice cream, I think he is 80% made up of it. He was so excited to get a table and to order his favorite blue ice cream. We didn't get Noah anything because he is a baby and would just eat a little of anything, actually by the end I had ordered him some milk! My dad loves ice cream sundays and Larry has a special bond with Letherby's. Growing up he rarely got to go out but sometimes their family would go to ice cream and they would go to the Letherby's that was close to their house in West Valley Utah. He doesn't have wonderful childhood memories but one good one is his trips there so it is always a treat when we go. 

 Love this one of him, he really dug right into Max's left overs. Those big brown eyes get me every
time.  He is getting so big 18 months in September!


This is so funny, you can see Max trying hard to say cheese to me but then screaming bloody murder because how dare he have to share with his baby brother! 3 year olds are so great. 

Glad we caught that face on camera. Only a mother could laugh through that because it is such a common occurrence. Babies and toddlers at their finest! Such a fun night with everyone. Love getting together with my family even though sometimes I feel like a traveling circus with these 2 littles. 

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