Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Busy Few Weeks...

Some how I got roped in to helping with a super saturday even though I am currently serving as the 2nd counselor in young women's. We wanted to do something different so I said I would do these walking stones that you can make and put in your garden. They did turn out cute, but I had been running errands like a crazy women getting all the supplies for the event on Saturday. My kids were troopers going from home depot to Lowes or Walmart. I treated them to the outside play place at McDonalds after one errand run. I tried to get a sweet shot of my new pink pants I've fallen in love with via a slide at the play place, super glamorous. 


We also managed to go to the park one morning as well. I am finding that as long as I get my kids needs met they will happily let me drag them to stores. It is hard fulfilling these church callings with young kids but I am finding joy in serving people of our ward. I hope my kids learn and see their parents serve and will do it as they get older as well. Look how cute that Noah boy is conquering the slide and climbing like a big boy! He can get around the park so well now, I am almost confident that he will not fall. 


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