Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summer Is All About...

Getting dirty being outside, eating watermelon, swimming, and getting a bath in the kitchen sink.
Tomorrow is Max's one year old birthday and I am pretty excited about it. Max has no clue but I just keep shouting "Happy Birthday" and he smiles and shrieks back. It's not only a monumental day for him but for me as well. I survived the first year of sleepless nights, teething, baby colds, diaper rashes, major spit up, rolling over, crawling, falling down stairs, walking and getting to take care of this little chunk everyday. Overall its been pretty amazing.


  1. THats totally how I felt, it was as much an accomplishment of mine to be proud of as much as his. haha. Happy Bday Max!

  2. I can't believe it's a year already! Max is adorable in these pictures. Yes, AnnMarie you have so much to be proud of. You're an amazing mom!!!! Have fun and tell Max happy birthday from me!!