Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Being home brings back a lot of memories.

Growing up in the same place your whole life is pretty great I have decided. I love being back home. It just fits and feels right for us to be living here and raising our little family here. I have such great friends who I have know forever and will be life friends. Ones that you can talk to once a month and feel uplifted and refreshed every time you speak to each other. Ones that you can go to their house often and hang out and ones you drive to go see maybe every couple years, but its like you saw each other yesterday. Just yesterday my mom and I drove to Reno to see one of her best friends whom she has known for over 28 years. They moved away from here when I was pretty young but we always saw each other at least once a year growing up. They don't speak to each other every month maybe 3 times a year and when they get together its a long day of conversation and catching up. It was so fun to see their family and to talk to everyone.

Those seriously are the best friendships where you leave knowing you might not see each other for a while but you know they are there for you when you need them and its a constant long lasting friendship.Being back home makes me remember all the friends I have had and the ones that have lasted. I know I will have friendships like my mom has that last a lifetime. Friends that you can cry to and tell them your problems and you know they won't judge only help. Friends you can talk with for hours and never get bored and ones you can admit how things really are in your life. Its amazing we have family units that we can count on and live your way through life with but friendships are the cherry on top.

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