Thursday, June 28, 2012

Noah Dean At 3 Months...

Look who is 3 months old. Really Noah did it have to go by so fast? Noah has turned into such a little chunk in a matter of weeks. He so sweet and those cheeks are so kissable. Noah has learned to smile really well, and can recognize faces well and track people as they move about the room from his bouncy chair. He loves to smile and coo and blow bubbles from his little lips.

He sadly is not sleeping through the night for me but will typically do a 5 hour stretch, eat, and then go back to sleep. He loves sleeping swaddled and on his side, not his back just propped up on his side, its kinda funny sight. He sleeps in his baby bed or on the boppy pillow still. He is into a good nap time routine being up 1-2 hours then down for 2 sometimes 3 hours in the afternoon. Max and him are now on the same 1-4 nap schedule which is so nice! {I am blogging this as they sleep peacefully in their beds}

He has started to drool like a dog, its everywhere which makes me suspicious that I will have another early teether on my hands. Heaven help us all, this mom hates teething. He loves to nurse until the milk runs out then he cries frantically until I make him a bottle.  He eats so much I feel like I am constantly eating and yet its not enough. He gets pretty exciting when he starts to see me lift up my shirt, he will kick his legs frantically and screech until he has made contact. Nothing is better though when he is satisfied and in his milk coma being held in my arms doing his half smile as he drifts off to sleep. 

I love his wet little lips and how when you go to give him a kiss close to his face he automatically opens his mouth searching for something. He has started to discover he can coo and make a little noise, and he is laughing pretty good. No better sound then a laughing baby right? His hands have started to relax, not in little fists as much, and he has discovered he can suck on them when he is hanging in his chair or swing. 

I love my little Noah, and I can't wait to see how he grows and develops in the coming months, but its bitter sweet to say the least. These last three months have been so amazing getting to hold him and love him. I love how Max is stating to get protective of "his baby" and how he likes to "help" me change his diaper or put his pacifier in his mouth. I hope through the months and years they become the best of brothers.  Heres to another month down Noah!

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