Sunday, June 17, 2012

To Our DAD

Happy Fathers Day!! 
Your are the best dad in the world. Thanks for going to work everyday and making money to buy us cool toys. Thanks for throwing us in the air really high, wrestling, jumping, and playing ball with us. Thanks for being the one who gives us baths because you are way funner then mom would be, and thanks for giving us treats behind moms back. You are a pretty cool dad and we want to be just like you when we grow up. We love you and one day will be able to actually says those words! 
Thanks for being our best dad. 
Love Max and Noah 

Hope everyone has a great fathers day. I am so lucky my boys get not only their dad as a great father figure but they get to live with their grandpa Joe as Max is now calling him now as well. They are such lucky boys surrounded by great male role models, and a grandpa that has unconditional love for them! 

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