Saturday, June 9, 2012

Random Facts...

Max can say like 30 words and knows about half the alphabet. I am feeling pretty good especially because 2 months ago he said almost no words expect for ball :)

Noah doesn't like to sleep for me during the day. Serisouly this kid is nuts and never sleeps when he needs to it is sorta driving me nuts. The second Larry comes home though, he knocks out on his chest for the rest of the night.

Noah loves to nurse on my left side and hates to nurse on my right side for more then 5 minutes...its funny, and annoying. Maybe one side tastes better then the other?

Max is a creature of habit. Every morning when he wakes up he wants to watch his favorite TV show with his bottle. He hands me everything that is in his crib one by one then, we proceed downstairs to watch his show.

Max goes to bed at the same time every day and takes a nap at the same time every day. He listens to primary music at both times...maybe I am slightly trying to brainwash him?

The only way I am surviving with these boys is keeping them on strick routines. They are happy and I am happy. I will swear by routines until the day I die.

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