Monday, November 10, 2014

From the Mothers Lounge...

 I'm not one to post a selfie but I sat in the mothers lounge the other day with a sweet sleeping baby and I thought man this is maybe the first quiet moment in awhile I have had. Sure I get those moments in the middle of the night while I am nursing her but I'm usually not awake or I did try to read my scriptures during those night feeds to make use of my time ha that didn't last long! I tried though! Anyways I sat rocking her looking at all her delicate tiny features and felt such peace. There is a magical feeling that is given off when you hold a sleeping baby. It renews and refuels me as a mother to sit and soak it in. Then when the crazies run in screaming, laughing, wanting something I can say "you got this AnnMarie" The mothers lounge the other day was my happy place. Scout has not been the easiest baby. She nurses lots and cries even more..sometimes I am at a loss as what to do..I've even thrown around the word colic around. Larry thinks it is my milk supply but I am determined to not giver her a bottle...and so I nurse around the clock. It is a wonderful and soul sucking thing to give so much to a baby but I love that I can comfort her in a way no one can. All my babies have loved to nurse I just can't keep my milk supply up as much as they seem to need it. Scout has gone the longest without being supplemented and I am digging my heals in waiting till she is 6 months to supplement. We will see if I last but I hope I can but I also know that either way as long as she is healthy and growing we call it a win! This motherhood gig is pretty good and these babies of mine are even better!

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