Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Rainy Halloween!!

SO this year halloween was a is currently raining! Noah didn't take a nap so he went to be at 6:30 and Max went trick or treating to one house! Our neighbors across the street go all out for halloween! In fact almost all month I had to run after Noah as he kept going over to look at all their spooky decorations. It was really fun for the kids.

We did do our ward trunk-or-treat and I almost died from going to the thrift store 2 times in one day with all 3 kids trying go find something just right for Max. The problem was that I hadn't planned ahead and was pretty consumed with taking care of Scout who is such a fussy baby that costumes did not get made this year. Max really wanted to be a golden ninja from Ninjago but there was nothing in his little 4t size anywhere. I kept putting it off then wham it was the day of trunk-or-treat. I sometimes bring it on myself and as I was driving across town for the second time with a screaming newborn and Noah who I can barley keep  2 feet from me I wanted to cry.

We finally figured out a ninja costume that worked for the night and Noah being the tired grumpy guy that he was being wore something that I can't even remember I think he wore a shark costume! It was a night let me tell you. Larry was busy with school so I braved the party with all 3 by myself. Everyone was willing to help and I know the kids did have a blast. I lost Noah countless times and Max ran around with all the other kids!

Since we didn't have formal costumes I did get the kids all matching pj's because I am a sucker for anything matching and holiday. I really do love halloween it makes it feel that even though sometimes it's hot that fall is on it's way! So to document Halloween 2014 we snapped some of these pictures after a fresh bath. Love these spooky skeletons. 


Also how cute is this baby??? She is a screamer but oh she is a cutie!! I just love all the pink we get to put her in! It is so fun and cheery to see her with her brothers. I am obsessed, I can't get enough of stop taking pictures of them. I might need an intervention. 
Also I never got any shots of trunk or treat because that's how I roll BUT Larry did come meet us at the end at we took our starving non chili eating children to dinner after. This is the only picture I got of Noah the shark eating the table. I love Larry in the background looking over at us probably thinking why are my kids so crazy and loud...and probably shoeless. Not our finest parenting moment but not one to be forgot as well! 

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