Thursday, September 26, 2013

Fairy Tail town with Friends!

We met up with all our friends at our favorite spot downtown for a morning of fun. It was almost cool enough to wear a sweater for awhile at least. It is like we are forcing fall upon us even though it is still so warm. The boy enjoyed running around and being with their friends. We fit 5 carseats in the van and met others there. We have such an awesome group of friends and they are some of my best friends and ones I've had for so long. Cortney and Cari came along and then Markie Turner (who married our great friend Tristan) stuffed into my van with her 2 kids and I had AJ with me as well. I can feel fall is coming and this was a totally great way to break in the up coming season.

Anytime there is a chance to have someone snap a picture of me and the boys I try to jump at it. I know that I will look bad and miss this stage and also wish I had more pictures of me loving on them. It is such an awesome and hard job being a mom I want more in action shots which Is totally what these are, It is hard to get a perfect shot of all 3 of us. 

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