Wednesday, September 25, 2013

In theTeepee...

Random evenings hanging in the Teepee. Can you find Max? This cracks me up. We have a ton of stuffed animals, too many actually and I didn't buy a single one. Some are from when I was little and others my parents who really aren't that type of people, because yes there is a type for some reason lots their sense and bought a bunch. They are mostly housed in the teepee and the boys will crawl in and cover themselves with them. Most days I lay in their and tell them stories. Larry started telling them stories long ago of Magic Max, and Ninja Noah. He is a much better story teller then I am and knows all the boy terms to use but when he is not around I have to do. I'll lay there and tell about Magic Max saving his brother Noah from a bear in the forest, or them both being Ninjas and saving someone from something by using their swords..Max interrupts a lot and sometimes takes over on the story telling. It drives me nuts sometimes how accurate he wants it to be. Anyways these pictures make me think of all those nights laying there with these wild boys amiss the animals who are listening as well.  

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