Friday, September 20, 2013

Wild Animals...

I live amongst wild animals. Somedays they run around screaming in our house out of pure joy and fun. Noah is in a big phase of moving the chairs to where he wants and then climbs up to get what he wants. Today I was fed up and put the chairs up on the table, thinking I was so clever that they would just go out side and play or something. Oh no they figured out a way to climb up and get right on those chairs. It is exhausting sometimes being the mom and I get tried just watching how much energy they have. They do make life fun, and interesting and they make me laugh with their clever little ideas in their mind. These two are going to cause a lot of trouble I think together. My favorite also is that Max is naked. So classic a naked boy who has learned to potty train successfully but also feels the need to take off all this clothes when he goes to the bathroom so lots of times he bottoms never make it back on. Hence the nudity. Notice instead of yelling at them I just took a picture and let them play up there until the moved on! Some things are not worth the fight or crushing their playful spirits. I am trying to find a balance in teaching them to tame the wildness and also to foster the fun. 


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