Monday, August 20, 2012

Max @ Play

 Have I mentioned I really love this boy? Despite the terrible twos, tantrums, saying NO in a loud screechy voice, and the obsession with balls I am head over heals in love with my Max. The other night we went to the park for the second time that day and Larry was able to get some great pictures of Max {its a miracle} and I couldn't help but share. This boy is active, feisty, loving, drama,driven, and smart. He truly is the apple of my eye {along with Noah}and the more he develops, is able to communicate with me he is becoming my little buddy. He is a good helper with Noah, and is getting pretty good at following behind me when my arms are full. He loves to talk to me all day and it really is such a sweet time in his life. Boy oh boy does he wear me out with his abundant energy! I think though, if I am going to be a mom of boys I better get use to that right? Oh man I can't get enough! 

One of my favorite things about Max is that he gets pretty excited about everything. He loves to go on lunch dates with me to McDonalds and will eat an entire hamburger but first just the patty and then the bun. He also thinks my diet coke is "moms juice" and is fully aware of the concept of an ice cream cone. He knows his way around EDH pretty well, like if we pass by the street to go to his cousins he screams dramatically that he wants to go to their house. He is SMART! He knows all his alphabet and most of the letters sounds and his colors. We are working on numbers. He can tell you what ball is what and is trying to learn the difference between hoop & net. He can go get me his shoes, and is learning to put his own clothes on. I love that he can repeat every word I say like "no way" or "yes please" and my least favorite "so what" he also likes to scream "Larry" when he comes home. He is soaking it all up and knows SO many words now it is so amazing. He has the best laugh and loves to run all day long...don't you want a cute little boy like Max? Yep he's pretty awesome. 


  1. I do! I do! Hopefully your third will be the same gender as our first and they can be friends. :) We'll talk. love you, AM.

  2. He is so cute!! These pictures are pretty awesome too... I love the 3rd from the bottom. Good Job Larry! "mom juice" HAHAHA my favorite.

    I will always remember Ann Marie and her Diet Coke OBSESSION.
    I think I will have one now actually...