Friday, August 17, 2012

Friday Faves!

Thank goodness its Friday this week killed me. Its been SO HOT here its miserable. This weekend it is suppose to cool off a mid 90s :) SO much better then the 107! Anyways sense its Friday and I am feeling some excitement in the air...I have no clue why, we have zero things planned, I thought i'd do a friday favorites on some things I am loving right NOW... stove or oven for this cooking mama
.... putting new carpet remnant in the mini-van makes it feel clean & cozy beautiful flowers my husband brought home the other night
....our ever growing savings account
....All my sweet new mom friends I am making
....Air conditioning
....Getting ahead of christmas shopping and birthday presents.
....Sweet clearance deals for the boys
....My anniversary is around the corner! 5 years yikes!
....All the new fall smells at bath&body works
....Max yelling MOM all the time
....midmorning trips to the park

Aren't you guys glad I started blogging again? Man I have exciting things going on in my life. Ha! I did speak at church last week and amazing didn't throw up, but I balled my eyes out. Larry started back for his 3rd year of law school, dang, and sadly we won't see him now for the next 16 weeks. We've been chillin at the splash pad and trying out best to stay out of Target! Happy Friday!

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