Monday, August 13, 2012

AND... We're BACK!

Okay the Olympics are finally over, the house is a bit cleaner, my sewing projects I've been working on are finished and I have finished reading a really great book series so I can come back to blogging. Did you miss me? Here's the update on our lives:

Larry-Finished his summer classes and starts his 3rd year of law school next week. He still is working full time, but has been home in the evening its so nice! He is biking regularly and is such a big help with the kids when he is home. He even washed the car the other night! He works so hard for our family and is such a great loving husband and father...unless he doesn't get sleep then he is grumpy with me ;)

Me- I have been addicted to reading on my brothers Ipad...I kinda stole it while he has been home and I have read 6 books over the last couple weeks. Its pretty bad because my life falls apart when I read, I stay up way to late, and don't do anything during nap time which is usually my most productive time. I have been sewing lots lately and running after kids. Having larry home in the evening has been so great we've been able to really reconnect after a long lonely year, and I have been able to have some alone time with him, kid free thanks to my mom!

Max-His vocabulary has exploded over the last couple of weeks. He talks to me constantly and will repeat new words daily. He has learned almost all his colors now and we are working on numbers. He is exceptionally stubborn and is on time out probably 4 times a day minimum. We are working on not screaming NO to mom and being obedient and respectful. For the most part he just loves to run around and play with all his different balls. He is very playful and has to learn his know those 2 year olds. He seriously is such a fun kid and makes me laugh all the time. He is also really smart and is observent he is into helping me lately with everything including changing Noahs diapers, and making mac & cheese. He is still taking a 3 hour nap in the afternoon which makes me love him even more! His new things are wearing a baseball hat everywhere and has learned all the different balls, even volleyball from watching the olympics! I kept telling him how exciting it was that he got to watch his very first Olympics!

Noah-Sweet baby has taken a turn! He is so much more joyful and happy these days. He is sleeping so much better and I atribute it all to eating more solids! He seems much more satisfied now and is not as fussy through out the day. I am much better and reading his cues and we are all so happy to know that he isn't this grumpy baby always. He is teething BAD and is slobbery everywhere. He loves to suck on your fingers and have his gums rubbed. He is still swaddled and is currently sleeping on the landing of our stairs at night because all my brothers are home from school for a couple of weeks, and he is a noisy little sleeper! He loves to play in the jumper and will play and roll around on the floor now which is a huge change! He is EATING his way through life and sleeping the rest of it.

Overall things are good we are just soaking in the last couple weeks of summer, its been HOT here and I am looking forward to getting back into a school routine and to cooler fall weather, which probably won't be for a couple more months. I am so grateful for my little family and how every boring it is to anyone else its pretty good for us! Hope everyone enjoyed the spirit of the Olympics, man live those people are talented. It makes me want to go to London BAD!

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  1. I AM SO HAPPY YOU ARE BACK! I had give up on you for a while but you have been a busy little blogger! YIPEE!! I would LOVE to see all the things you are sewing! Next post please! :)

    Your kids are so cute! I want to meet them badly! And good job Larry! GO LAW SCHOOL!