Friday, August 24, 2012

We took a field trip...

Yesterday we made an impromptu visit to the fire station. My sweet friend called and asked if we could come so we took our little boys and babies and got a tour. Max has recently learned the word fireman and associates the siren sounds and trucks with that word. He also has a great love for his Curious George book where George goes to the station, so as we walked there, because we live across the street he was so excited. When we arrived though he tensed right up and wanted to be near my side. Once he warmed up though he was pretty excited to see the trucks! They were so nice letting the kids run around and get into the trucks. He kept saying fireman over and over and making the siren sounds.

It's pretty neat as a mom to see him learning daily and to watch him soak in the world around him. It was a fun little short field trip seeing the fire house, and all the different trucks. Right on cue as we were leaving a call came in so Max got to see the get in the trucks and drive away with the sirens blaring he was pretty excited about that, it was the cherry on top! Of course Max refused to pose for me for any shots but here are a few from the afternoon! I felt pretty proud of my self taking him out on a little field trip, and then hearing him explain to his grandpa about where he had gone to see the trucks, priceless! Also priceless him trying to put his new fireman hat on Noah and me having to tell him a billion times to stop.

I am really beginning to love this stage that he is in, and I am feeling pretty confident in my abilities to juggle 2 kids out in public by myself! I love that we have been able to do fun things like take mini field trips and we have had lots of fun play dates lately. Max is really learning to share and to take turns and it makes me so proud when he is kind to other kids. I am so grateful I haven't had to deal with any hitting yet from him or biting, I am hoping he grazed over those stages :) Can't wait till I can take them back when Noah is learning all about trucks. Love my boys. 

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