Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Noah Dean 5 Months Strong!

Let me tell you how much I love this baby. He has really started to become the happiest little babes in the world. He is all smiles, coos, and laughs most of the day. This is a drastic change to the first couple of fussy months. He is the happiest when he has just woken up from a long nap, when he is jumping away in his jumper, and when he has someone constantly talking to him. His face lights up when he gets attention and he has the best toothless grin around.

Who knew a fat short bolding baby could make my life so complete. He has the best thunder thighs around and loves to get his cubby fists full of my hair...boy he has a tight little grip! He loves to put everything in his mouth, and will bend as far as his body will let him to suck on his toes. He loves to be in his jumper it has been the best thing. He will just jump, sit, stand, and twirl for literally hours in it while we all walk and run around him. He loves to watch everyone in our house, and he especially loves when someone picks him up and gives lots of kisses. He can roll all around the room and is really trying to push himself everywhere with his legs. He can kinda sit up but his belly is pretty big and his topples over a lot still.

He is taking 3 great naps, but is yet to sleep more then 6-7 hours for us at night. 5 am is sometimes a stretch for him and we still have multiple nights where I am up twice. I'm kinda dying but I haven't got the nerve to let him cry it out just yet. He is still swaddled but will break out his little hands throughout the night. He is still sleeping on the landing of our stairs at night and I do look forward to putting him in an actual crib in an actual room when my brothers for back to school this week. He loves to eat pears and bananas and sometimes I swear the kid wants whatever I am eating but not just yet!

Oh sweet Noah, keep it up boy because you are making me want lots more delicious babes. Thanks for your slobbery kisses and your screams of happiness. I hope we can get some more hair on that head of yours, and figure out what color your eyes are! Please stop growing because it's going by WAY to fast!

{So as you can tell I really love to document each month of my little growing boys life. I did the same thing for Max until he turned 2. It truly is such a great gift to be able to look back and see each month how they developed and have one little post dedicated just towards their development. Let me tell you with #2 it has been fun to compare and contrast with all of Max's stats}

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  1. LOVE that chub-a-lub! what a cutie! Can I get one of those!!?? :) jk.