Monday, August 27, 2012

ChOO ChOO Trains & Other Ramblings.

Saturday morning arrived and I was itching to do something other then go play at the park! Larry always gets up at the crack of dawn and does an obscene amount of biking before the day has even started, so the second he arrived home I announced we were going to the rail road museum all before nap time, so he better eat and shower fast because this mama was going to pack in a family fun adventure all before 1:00 in the afternoon.

Now this was the first time we've attempted to take our crazy overly active 2 year old to any sort of museum setting, well he went with us a lot when he was a baby, but now he's a big boy so it is a bit harder. Noah baby on the other hand cooed away in his stroller occasionally sucking on his fat feet. Man alive that child is easy to travel with, I love this stage where they are content to sit and are so cute doing it!

SO we arrived and the second we got there Max was all about the trains. He was running around saying train, and choo choo, and dinosaur {because of the show on PBS kids} and who knows what else he was rambling on about. He liked to see the trains and really wanted to climb up and touch everything. The second we actually took him inside one he clung tight to our bodies afraid for his life.

He played in the kids zone, watched all the different train tracks go, and then lost it when he had to leave his play train behind :) After a quick stop for some diet coke and salt water taffy, 2 diaper changes later, and one ever so slightly melt down from me we made it home just in time for naps! It always feels so dang good to do something new and to have happy kids after it. I loved watched Max look around excited to see the big trains, you could just see the excitement as he ran and talked so fast we couldn't understand him. He didn't mention balls the entire time so thats saying something!

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  1. This is so cool! Where is this place? Looks like something that would be in Old Folsom or Downtown Sac... so fun! Max is so cute, again, I will tell you this. I love the picture of Larry and Max on the phones... I bet they are calling eachother. He looks like he is getting so big! (Max, obviously. Not Larry.) I am so sad I haven't met him yet! Someday soon... :)