Tuesday, July 31, 2012


So I haven't been blogging because my life has been completely consumed by watching the Olympics. I have team USA fever bad over here. One of my greatest joys in life (beside kids/hubs bla bla) is watching the summer Olympics.  I have no clue why, I grew up swimming and wanting so bad to be in the Olympics like Summer Sanders ( I am getting SO old) and It really has been something I love to watch. 4 long years ago Larry and I hunkered down in our tiny campus apartment watching Beijing all hours of the day in-between classes and work. We would run to the local greek place, or Cafe Rio and then spend copious amounts of time infront of the TV. Those were some good memories care free times for us, no worries about law school, kids and everything else that weighs us down. For 2 solid weeks we did nothing and it was pretty amazing.

SO yes thats why I haven't blogged in what a week, I need to even though I have like ZERO readers because my piggy Noah has turned 4 months and is so colicky {yikes} and Max is insanely awesome learning so many new words. Like today at dinner he said he liked to "play hard" where does he come up with this stuff? He also learned to do a slam dunk into his basketball hoop...I swear I don't know if its talent this 2 year old has or just insane obsession about balls. Maybe we will see him in the Olympics what 2020? haha Anyways faithful readers {the entire 2 or you} rest assured I will be back soon blogging about my oh so amazing life once I am done watching crazy things like white water kayaking and crazy gymnasts doing things that really no body should probably do!  Oh also the commercials are pretty awesome, I am sure I single handily have sponsored and Olympian through the vast amounts of diet coke I drink daily, so there you go I made my contribution... GO team USA

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  1. I AM NOW A READER! :) :) :)

    Your little kiddies are sooooo cute!!!! I cant believe it has been so long since we talked! Max has gotten so big!
    I am so glad you are happy and you have now acquired one more faithful reader.