Sunday, July 1, 2012

Random Things I Am Looking Forward To...

So being a stay at home mom is pretty awesome right? But when you have 2 little kids that run you ragged at times you need things to motivate you and keep you happy right? These are a few things I am randomly and am slightly ashamed to admit looking forward to:

Chic-fa-la opened in Folsom! Seriously so excited reminds me of my college days in Utah and there is a play place inside which is a double bonus for Max! Lunch dates with the husband are even more needed now. Get me a large diet coke and I am a happy girl.

The 2012 summer Olympics. Having a husband who has a deep love for sports this one is more on his list but I am pretty excited to watch the swimming, track & field, oh and those crazy gymnasts! 4 years ago we lived in our student apartment with NO kids and spent all our time watching the Olympics and eating cafe rio.  4 years later things are very different but I am excited to put the babies to bed and stay up way to late watching the games! Remember Larry when we wanted to start a savings fund to go to the London games? Maybe 4 years from now post law school salary :) 

3 weeks from now Larry takes his last final of the summer semester and has an entire month off before he starts his 3rd year of law school. An ENTIRE month of nothing but work means he will be home every night helping me with the babes and being around for dinner and to hang out. This is so awesome sometimes I forget that parenting is a 2 person job and its going to be exciting to have him around.

One other thing I look forward to weekly is watching the TV show Falling Skies. Seriously looking back on my blog posts sometimes I talk a lot about TV. We really don't watch that much TV but ever since we have had kids with strict bed times we are pretty much home bound after 7:00pm so we take watching TV seriously. We brake out the treats, diet coke, and have a date night. We've been watching this show about aliens attacking the earth and lets just say Im glad we have some food storages and I hope Im not around if if ever happens :)

I am also pretty excited for the 4th of July celebrations around these parts (even though fireworks are banded here) and celebrating pioneer day around the corner. I am always up for some good ward and stake parties!

My list seems pretty lame but really it just goes to show you how simple things are in my life day to day for the time being. Yes I am constantly running after Max and I am so sleep deprived from Noah that sometimes I walk around in a blur but these are the things I am looking forward to in the next couple weeks.

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