Saturday, July 7, 2012

The Bottle Battle

Lets be forewarned this is NOT a post about my beloved first born Max. His bottle and him are best of friends and the relationship will not be severed yet {although it should be} because this mom is to sleep deprived to muster up the courage for that battle.

This is actually about my sweet second child or should I say devil baby now? Okay that might be a little harsh but at 4:00 am and every hour after of constant screaming it could be warranted right? We are having a dilemma in our house hold with him. He is pretty well natured except when it comes to eating. Now we all remember me slaving away getting him to nurse and it was going great, until he grew and I was eating and drinking my guts out but my poor little chest can only do so much. We stared to supplement first with pumped milk then I was dying of much needed sleep and was hoping that adding some formula would help with longer stretches...not so much.

Now he seems to want the bottle more because its easier and quicker and probably lets face it more available. I still nurse him regularly as well maybe 4 times a day but he screams and squirms a lot. BUT recently {meaning like 2 days} he really just wants to eat all the time and nether seem to be doing the trick. It the words of my husband, "this baby is messed up" haha he was tired when he said that. I mean what baby doesn't want to nurse or take the bottle willingly....a crazy one :) Or just cranky or maybe just full??

He is currently swing away in his swing happy as can be kicking his little legs but man alive he has tested my patients and your talking to the mom who loves newborns to no end, but lets face it hes now a baby and is cranky a lot. I know it will pass and keeping him on his some what established routine will help, and taking him outside does wonders but BOY will I be happy when he grows out of this. He also seems to be starting to teeth which doesn't surprise me Max was early too, but I forgot how much I hate teething, its a nightmare that never ends.

So we battle on with the bottle, with my boobs, and with every other little thing this baby can throw our way. I sure love his fat little cheeks and his huge body, the boy is way bigger then Max every was. I love that he is smiling and laughing, kicking, and developing. I need to cherish these baby months because they are only here for so long and then they are gone forever, but some sleep would be nice and maybe a little less crying, could you help a mom out Noah? Please!

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