Sunday, July 29, 2012

Noah Dean @ 4 Months Old...

My sweet Noah has become or really has always been a bit grumpy borderline colicky baby. This month has really been no different but I am hoping he takes a turn for the better soon! He is all smiles though when he is actually happy and has the best little laugh and high pitched squeals. He kicks his legs when he is really excited and arches his back and screams when he is mad. He hates being put in his carseat but usually calms down for the ride. He loves to have constant attention, being held, and having someone talk to him. He is FINALLY sleeping about 7 hours straight at night and takes 3 really great naps during the day. We have finally gotten into a great routine and schedule and I even have both him and Max on the same afternoon nap schedule...if that isn't heaven I don't know what is!

Noah is one big chunky baby weighing in at over 15 pounds and is drooling up a storm. He can roll from his tummy to his back, kick his away around a blanket, grab toys, and loves to play with his feet. He is a good little people watcher and in particular loves to watch Max run all around him. He loves to narrow into my neck and suck on any thing he can.  He is sadly always a little bit stuffy due to the teething, which makes him sound like a little piggy all the time, and he hates his syringe bulb I use to help clear his air ways. He has the fatest cheeks and the biggest thighs and my arms get a great work out as I carry him all day long. He also loves to stand up in his jumper and has started eating rice cereal and pears. My little baby is growing up!

I love having him in our lives, and I can't really picture our life without him or before he was born, funny how that happens. I love when he is happy and his big smiles just melt my heart. I am sad he is getting to be so big as I packed away all his 3-6 months clothes and busted out the 6 months, I felt my heart break a little as his little babyness is fading away, but I know whats ahead of us and thats pretty great too! Heres to 4 months down! We have made it past the sleep deprivation, lots of crying, and are now into a great routine which will inevitably be broken once teething starts and he learns to break his swaddle but I'm loving how things are now!

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