Sunday, July 15, 2012

For all you mothers out there...

I thought that this weeks motherhood moment needed a little humor in it, because really to get the most out of motherhood you have to find humor in the small things or else all the failures and small disasters throughout your day will eat you alive. Case in point this morning after waking up multiple times to sooth my sweet Noah {turned devil baby} he yet again was crying, I was on the point of screaming which isn't good when its 5:00am and other are sleeping, he spat up everywhere then had this huge grin on his toothless chubby could you not laugh? Or when I got into the shower this morning to find that my amazing husband who bathes the children almost every night when he is home had left every single bath toy in the tub to accumulate down by the drain. Instead of getting mad I just laughed about all the toys that Max needs in the bath and took my shower occasionally stepping on rubber ducks and foam letters.

The whole point of being a mother is to experience it in its entirety, and I think cleaning up messes big or small is part of it. My goal in life is to teach Max to pick up his toys, but if he forgets and I happen to trip over them in the middle of the night when I go to his rescue when he is crying, sure I want to kick them and say a swear word, but really I should be grateful the messes are there because I know someday {forever from now it seems} my house will be empty and all those small messes of race cars, balls, and left over crackers will be a distant memory. I need to remember that the piles of books on the bed were there because we had an hour of story time and what a sweet memory and moment that was instead of getting irritated they weren't cleaned up.

I do however want a clean house where my children feel safe, people want to hang out, and it doesn't seem like an episode of Horders, but I think there is a season for everything. Right now the season in my life is raising young children so messes are always around us, sometimes I want to just scream when i've cleaned up a room, will walk down a hall to another and discover that Max was playing to his hearts content with everything in it. There are moments when I snap at Larry for leaving his socks right by the hamper but when I look back I always feel bad that I over reacted because people are more important then the messes, and part of being a mom is cleaning up, and that is okay.

Lastly I just want to add that sometimes the only thing that gets me through my day is just to laugh at how nuts it can get when both boys are crying for something and I am frantically running around trying to do it all. If only we could see ourselves, myself in particular running around usually with my nursing cover on,playing with Max in his trampoline,making faces at Noah, carrying both boys up and down the stairs, desperately trying to get Max to eat, its all a show and its pretty funny to watch! I am desperately trying to enjoy being a mother because it is the greatest gift I've been given and when my kids are older, things are less messy, I want them to know how hard I tried to be the best mom for them and that I loved being their mom.

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