Thursday, July 19, 2012


Oh man I am so tierd. I about cried last night when around midnight we heard Max screaming. He is usually such a good sleeper but for some reason last night he was up twice...I think he is having nightmares. Noah was up promptly at his usual times 1 and 5 am and had a huge blow out the latter time which is just what you want when you have only slept 2 hours. Needless to say I am in desperate need of some good  uninterrupted sleep.

 I even weened Noah from nursing, well he weened himself which broke my heart but I though hey at least with the formula he will sleep through the night, silver lining right? Nope, this kid is a garbage disposal. Then I thought okay he is big enough let start giving him some rice cereal, and we even tried some bannans but he really wasn't getting the hang of it, so I guess we will continue feeding him constantly until I buck up the courage to let him cry it out.  So I have sore boobs and a kid that is still not sleeping through the night, awesome times around here.  I know I just need to let him cry it out but man alive when your so sleep deprived hearing the constant screaming for over an hour makes my blood boil...and kinda breaks my heart {but only just a little}

Anyone needed a good dose of birth control can just read all my posts of sleepless nights and I'm sure that will help :) No it's not all bad but man I can't function with so little sleep going on 4 months now. I am mean straight up say awful things to anyone in my way and thats never good for your relationships. I start to put things like milk in the pantry and random things like Max's shoes in the fridge. I know this will end eventually but really it doesn't because your toddlers have nightmares, you have more babies, and the sleep never comes. I guess my body will adapt, I'm just in the in between phase where the body is fighting it, but eventually it will adapt to running off so little sleep and hopefully functioning like a happy normal person :)  Right?? I am RIGHT? I will just keep telling myself that and keep kissing my boys and watching them when they DO sleep contently and thinking how heavenly they look when they are sleeping.

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