Monday, July 9, 2012

15 Week Stats

We finally got to the Dr. today for Noahs 2 month appointment...yes a month late, but no harm done. I wanted to document his stats at 15 weeks old, because you know how big of a milestone that is {with Max as his brother sometimes making it to another day is a big deal} I am still in shock of how fast 15 weeks have gone by. It feels like Noah has always been apart of our family, I told Larry the other day I couldn't remember what it was like to only have one child...its the sleep depravation talking probably.

At 15 weeks Noah Weights 15 pounds 1 ounce and is 25 inches long! He is one big chunk, looking back at my stats Max weighed that much around 6 months. I contribute it to all that nursing he does at all hours of the night. He also is falling right in line with having a big o' head like his brother. His head is proudly in the 80th percentile.He is a slobbery, teething, fussy mess of a boy but we sure love him. 

Also as a side note my hair is starting to fall know your baby is growing up and no longer a newborn with the clumps of hair are coming out in the shower. No one ever tells you the awesome things your body does after your have a baby right? 

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