Thursday, July 5, 2012

"POPS" At 10 AM

This morning I didn't have any fight in me. I am so tired, really that word doesn't seem to even fit the amount of fatigue I am feeling. My sweet Noah is just not sleeping well at all. I am at a loss because he was doing so great and now we are totally digressing. Not only does he not want to sleep he wants to fuss ALOT through out the day because he is tired and he does not want to nurse anymore. Straight up the kid screams when I undo the bra and whip out the goods. I keep trying, hoping that it's a phase but I know I am slowly drying up if there is no need, we shall see. So I am telling you all this because when Max desperately asked for a "pops" aka popsicle and said a double please in his cute high pitched voice I couldn't say no. Then I looked at the clock 10 am...hmm crap he said please so cute and twice and smiled...pops it was. SO we sat outside and he basked in all his glory of eating his popsicle and wearing down his already worn down mom, that Max is a smarty.

It wasn't one of my better parenting moments, but hey I am bracing myself for bigger battles like taking away his bottle, you all know when that goes down all hell will break loose in our house because that Max loves his bottle to the moon and back. He would give a limb and cry for hours on end all for his "bob"....yup its that bad. Anyways hopefully tomorrow will be a better less sleep deprived day, because man alive I might just die. Really I probably shouldn't be driving, these babies need to come with a don't operate heavy machinery sticker on their butts when they come to earth because thats kinda how I feel right now. I probably also shouldn't be blogging right now, my mind kinda goes wild and my fingers just press whatever key they want :)

Oh and I promise I really do brush Max's hair most days, sorry Max today was not one of those days, but your pretty cute so I think it's okay. 

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  1. ha ha you are so funny i love reading your blog! Maybe noah is giving you a good excuse to go to the bottle!? Props to you for breastfeeding, its hard work. And pops at 10 am is totally normal! :)