Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Lunch Date With Dad

 {Max's nose is hilarious in that one, he is so not photogenic}

It is SUPER hot here in California. We are spending most of our days running outside naked in the pool, well Max is and playing inside. Today we did a quick lunch date with dad at the super fancy pizza place in Winco...fancy right? Don't worry we brought Noah along, he chilled in the cart while we ate. Look how cute he is. Seriously I can't get enough of that face. I wish we could just pause time with him, but also fast forward to when Larry is done with law school and our lives will become some what regular. Time flies when your raising kids and they are constantly changing and growing. I love that Larry works close so we can meet him for lunch time to time, it makes both our days go by faster.
{Noah is so handsome, he's going to break some hearts} 

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  1. noah is the cutest thing ever!!! I am moving to back to cali in august so we should get together!! I need some mommy friends!