Sunday, July 8, 2012

A Moment In Motherhood...

I love the idea of having a motherhood moment on my blog each week. It might be a wash though because this entire blog is really dedicated to the journaling of our family so it is pretty much already about being a mom, but I recently I have been reading more church talks about motherhood and have even started reading some different parenting books so its on my mind. I wanted to share this quote by  Elder Neal L. Anderson....

I really love this quote, and I love the small part where he says "It is not something to do if you can squeeze the time in, It is what God gave you time for". Sometimes when I am busy doing things like dishes, laundry, or even trying to read I get frustrated when Max is pulling on my clothes or Noah is crying for something. I have even caught myself being short with Max because I am putting something I want to do before what is most important. Motherhood is a juggling act where you prioritize your children's needs over your own. And this quote reminds me that my time, at the moment is not really mine, but needs to be fully dedicated to my children and their needs. 

My best days as a mother are when I drop everything and just play with Max, hold Noah, and spend the entire day taking care of them and serving them. On those days I am happier, less overwhelmed, and the boys are happier. I know that my husband can tell a difference when he walks in the door on the days I have dedicated to put my all into motherhood. Somedays are more overwhelming, and tiring then others and at times I feel like I am not cut out for it, but that is the great thing about little kids, they are forgiving and tomorrow is always a new day to be a better mom. 
Me and Noah wearing our Sunday best. I am so grateful I have been given the gift of time to raise my sweet boys, the good, the bad, and the ugly of motherhood. My calling as a mother is the greatest gift I have been given. Also look at those cheeks, how could you not just want to kiss those all day long? 

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