Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Folsom Pond.

Happy new years eve day! 
Today we went do to the lake to see how low it has gotten because to the long drought. It was beautiful and slightly warm out. We got the boots on a hiked down to the water, I should have taken pictures of the actual water but instead just got Larry and Max, very typical of me! We did try to get down by the water but it is so low that it's very muddy down there. John even got his shoe stuck in the mud so we decided to not try any harder. We probably had to walk 1/2 mile from where are car was parked down to the water. Hopefully we get some water and the lake rises enough so we can use it this summer! Love these boys of mine. We are lucky to have Larry around for awhile. I think we might try to hit a party tonight to ring in the new year...we will see!! 

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