Thursday, January 2, 2014

First Swim Of 2014!

We decided to take a small trip to fresno and then to Sanfran with just Max to take him to the Eixplortorium which turned out to be a bust and I was not super happy...more on that later. Anyways we stayed at a hotel in fresno and went to the zoo. I didn't get too many picture but oh boy that Noah sure loves the petting zoo...animals are his favorite thing!
The pool was a big hit, and I was excited that Max did so well with his floaties after not swimming for awhile. It was fun to swim on the first day of the year! Just getting out of town was a nice change of pace, we need to go mini vacations more often! 

After are short stay my mom took Noah back home and we drove to the bay to spend some time with just Max. I had thought that this museum would be perfect for him but it was so busy and sadly not really in his age range. I was bugged because I had gotten lots of opinions but really it is better for 7-12 year olds. We stayed only and hour and then walked the boardwalk. Max fell asleep in the stroller and we ended up walking up to market street and shopped for the 3 hours he slept! We even had a quite dinner it was super nice actually and he must have needed the sleep poor guy. We did stop at the disney store before we left and he picked out a toy to end the weekend. I love getting to spend one on one time sometimes with him. He now calls San Fransico the big city! So cute, I just love that first born of mine!  


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