Monday, January 13, 2014

Parks In January

The weather has been so nice in January this year, we have been spending lots of time at the parks, I guess that is one thing good about the drought is the endless sunshine we keep having. The park is perfect, the boys run wild I get to play and watch them, my house stays clean, and we come home and naps happen easily! Win Win! 
Look at that chubby little Noah! Also Max is getting really good at climbing everywhere he is getting pretty brave! 

Another day, another park! Max gives me a heart attack lots of times but I love seeing him make believe and play with Noah and other kids he meets. He is getting better at introducing himself and asking if kids want to play. His soft heart sometimes can't take the rejection sometimes, we are working on that! 

Here is another day at the castle park. Noah and his red boots are just too good! Love watching him wonder around and figure out his surroundings. I have to keep an eye out at all times if I turn my back for even 2 seconds he will is actually pretty scary how he has no boundaries, sometimes I don't want to go anywhere because watching him can be so much more stressful then staying at home but we need to get out and it is no fair to Max to be jailed because of his crazy toddler brother! 

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