Saturday, January 25, 2014

End of January Happenings...

We took a trip to the Folsom zoo and brought AJ along! I figured I better get use to taking 3 kids everywhere right? Can you spot that big brown bear in the background? The kids ran around and had a great time, I was ready for a nap when it was over. :) 
My mom and I have been trying to walk a lot and sometimes we go down into Folsom and hit all the trails down there. Less hills! We stumbled upon this pound the other day and let the kids out at the end to feed the ducks with our snacks, we also lost the beloved snack box lid...Noah chucked it somewhere on the path and we didn't notice...he doesn't love stroller time as much as Max. 
My life with Max...he is starting to think that legos are pretty awesome...but we have Noah who is almost 2 and in the dumping phase of life. Every day all day he is dumping and legos are no exception. Also these suckers hurt to step on. 
These days Noah is just exhausting me. I don't know if it is the pregnancy or the stage and I don't remember Max being so busy or just putting himself in dangerous situations. It is a good thing he is cute. The other day I thought I lost him for good, in our own house! He has a tendency to just go out the front door (we have baby locks now) I looked everywhere for a good 10 minutes, yelling his name and almost had a heart attack and then I hear laughing coming from the teepee...he was in there the entire time watching the ipod. This kid might kill me! 

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