Saturday, November 9, 2013

Fall Night At The Park

We did a quick trip to the park tonight down the street from our house. Max played in the sand pit and the Woods joined us for the evening. It is cool enough to wear long sleeves and really feels like winter might be here or Fall I guess. I love watching Larry be a dad. It makes me feel so much appreciation and love for him. I know his days are long filled with a stressful job then he faithfully goes off to school and studies the law which can be tedious as well. I love watching him around the boys. The boys love their dad. Anytime they can be around him they soak it up. He walks for the door and they drop whatever they were doing and yell "daddy" and run to him. He is loved by them. It is always a special treat to get him at the park as well. Noah loves the swings, could make you push him for hours if you were nice (which I'm not) but Larry let him swing high and do under doggies over and over. There is nothing more attractive then seeing your spouse love on his children. He loves being a dad and is trying his hardest to be the best he can be. It isn't always easy. I know there is times when he would love to sleep in, gets frustrated with the constant interruptions but he deals with in in strides and helps me be calm and gives me breaks when he can.

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