Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween 2013

I documented some pictures on my phone but can't get them right now so they will probably be on my chatbooks later BUT I did snag some from my moms computer. We had a busy halloween season like usual with lots of different parties and we even hit up the Brooks School carnival which was fun. These pictures are from actual halloween night. Noah is so photogenic and cute. I couldn't stop laughing at his little chubby toddler body ran around with that dragon tail on! Max liked the dog costume which was easy and warm which worked well for him. Love these wild animal boys of mine! 

This one is dark but it is of the 2 of them. Our dog and dragon. Noah is so happy, I love seeing that big toothy grin. We trick or treated around the Stone Briar neighborhood, a lot of people in our ward live there so we went by 2 families houses who were having parties. We always go to the Collettes for dinner and then go around for about 30 minutes that is perfect timing. 

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