Monday, September 28, 2015

Baby #4!!

I've been busy with normal life and forgot to mention we are having another sweet baby!! We got pregnant shortly after my d&c that happened in April. I was all sorts of worried for a few months but the morning sickness came on and stayed and after 2 ultrasounds we were so excited to feel out of the danger zone! Today I had an appointment and my dr. couldn't find a heartbeat for awhile...she said she could hear the baby moving around but couldn't pinpoint a heartbeat. After she could tell I was getting nervous she pulled out the ultrasound machine and found that the baby is super high up and that she was down too low. She figured since this is technically my 5th pregnancy this baby has a lot of room to move around so we might be searching until I get bigger. I had felt the baby kick the other night so I knew things were probably okay but after what we experienced in April I am a bit more nervous about things. I am 17 weeks along and we will find out in a few weeks what this baby is! I am excited and feel SO SO blessed that we get to welcome another baby into our lives and our family. I am sure it is the hormones but I have been extra grateful for my beautiful children. Most days I am doing great we have are bad cranky days both the kids and I but mostly I am so grateful for my family and my healthy smart and loving children! I can't wait to welcome another one into our family and to see the kids smother this one with love as well. So sweet baby #4 we are thrilled to meet you and hope that you are growing nice and healthy in there! Can't wait for early March!! 

There is the little peanut back in August! Such a miracle, we are calling it our rainbow baby! 

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