Saturday, September 19, 2015

Halloween at Target!

Well I caved and put up our halloween decorations this week. I couldn't take it anymore with the 90 degree heat still blazing I just wanting something to feel cooler! We are really getting into halloween this year Max and Noah want to make the house all spooky and we have been talking about costumes for a good 2 weeks already! After a few trips to Target I got the house in order. After soccer on Saturday we took a long trip to Target and let the boys let loose in the halloween section. Star Wars is huge this season with the 7th movie coming out in December so Max who has gotten into it the last year and has now seen all 6 movies is loving all the different costumes. Currently he wants to be Luke and Noah wants to be the hulk. We will see what happens we halloween gets closer but really there is parties starting in about 2 weeks so I better get on top of it!

 So scary right?! These 2 most of the time are really great buddies. Honestly there is very little times that they fight and as Noah has gotten better at sharing and Max has gotten better at communicating the fighting is rare. We are really trying to make treating our siblings kind a priority in our home and it is paying off. I love that they have each other to play in target with and I love that we can spend a saturday afternoon together laughing and pretending to me scared! 

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