Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Joy School & Cows

Today was the official start of Joy school. This year Noah will be doing joy school with 6 of his friends and then next year when he turns 4 will go to LMNO preschool! I am teaching the first 2 weeks then have 10 weeks off while he goes to the other houses. He did great and I am so excited to see him learn to take directions from other people and hopefully learn a thing or two! After school we picked up Max and went to lunch to celebrate. We hit chickfila because it is our favorite spot really and everyone eats and plays it's perfect. Larry joined us and Noah told him all about his first day of preschool. Big moments in our lives! I love hearing him speak he is very articulate and can express himself really well. It is neat to hear things from his point of view, he might be crazy and wiggly but he is getting SO much better at taking direction and obeying and is in time out less and less. 

These 2 are just the best buddies! I love their little budding relationship. They are both protective of each other and think of each other when one isn't at a place...like at the dentist if one is there they want to get an extra price from the box to bring to their brother. I love getting pictures of them when they are cute together. And this baby below is just the cutest little sweet thing ever. I could eat her up with that tiny pony tail. She is becoming a good little eater and loves all the blueberries that come in the fruit cups that the boys think are awful! Ha! 

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