Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Creating Habits

Since school started and we are officially back into a routine, I am working hard on getting us all into good habits and routines that can hopefully become normal to us. I go in spurts where I am great for a month or I am great at a few of these things and slack on others. The goal is to be awesome on all of them all the time!  I've always been one to make beds, but later in the afternoon or get my kids dressed but maybe not till 10 am but now with 2 kids in school we are up and at them and have to leave the house by 7:45! Nice and early! Here are some things I'm trying hard to make habits in our lives...

*Making beds right in the morning
*Having playroom picked up before we leave house
*Teeth brushed, vitamins, and hair done before heading downstairs for breakfast
*Backpack and lunch done the night before
*A daily cleaning schedule...vacuum mondays, bathrooms tuesdays ect.
* Nightly scripture study with all 3 kids
*Homework and reading time 1 hour after school, get lunch, watch a show then homework no whinny, no complaining, hop to it or no one gets to play in the afternoon!

I am hoping as my mornings get even busier these next few years when all of the kids are going to school, or preschool, that this is all normal and there is no dragging of the feet or whining. My kids do great with routine and knowing the plan and I am trying to be the best mom for them and instead of putting out fires all day we can be productive and have smooth days! I don't believe that your day or morning for that fact has to be the crazy hectic mornings that sometimes having a bunch of kids can be portrayed as!

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